Stretched thin…

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.”
—Irish Proverb


It’s way too late to sit here, writing my blog – but if I don’t do it now I will miss another week. So here goes…

The past week and a half – two weeks really – have been full of everything but what I should have been doing. I have several things on my To Do-list that are way overdue (that’s the problem with projects that have no deadlines, they are easy to postpone in favor of more pressing things), but need and circumstance have left me uncreative. What I have been doing is spend time with friends and family, rushing from one to the other on my spare time and catching up with far away friends through the phone and computer.

Also, I have been completely exhausted. I don’t know why, really – maybe it’s cutting back on the coffee, maybe it’s returning to my work out schedule, maybe both. Maybe it’s something else. Fact remains, I’m feeling more tired, more often. It’s been great, though – sort of a mini-vacation from parts of my life – just hanging out, laughing and then sleeping – which is why I there was a hiatus here last week. The other day I did manage to pen down a piece of flash fiction, though – once that is edited I will see what I shall do with it.

Dear Reader, do you ever feel stretched thin over your life?

As if you can’t quite cover everything you need to be and do without effort, like a blanket that is just barely enough to cover your body at night? There’s no stress, really, and you’re not failing at anything – it just takes constant effort to balance everything and make sure you manage. That’s kind of how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks, and I’m not sure why. Part of it may be saying good bye to my previous haunt, as I’ve mentioned before.

On October 1st I took my leave of the little coffee shop, individually explaining why to all of the old staff and thanking them for their service, conversation and friendship – all that remains now is explaining my absence to the new manager. I think I know how to phrase it, so now I just have to find a good time when she’s there. I pass there almost daily, so I have stopped in to say hi, resisting the urge to get my usual order. It’s a bit tough, leaving a place you’ve practically called home for eight years. But hey, at least I’ll save a bit of money, eh?

It was the right thing to do.

Forgive me if I’m not making complete sense – I really should be headed to bed. But first, this week’s recommendations! There’s no theme to them today, except that all three are things I only recently read/saw/listened to.

So, until next time – have a good weekend!



  1. Tired: you’ve past 30.
    Coffee: have an occasional tea
    To do list: I know what you mean

    You still Rock!

    1. Haha – thanks! …and yes, I should make tea.

      I really should start making tea again, seeing as I have about 50 different teas and herbal teas at home.

  2. For my husband and I we found out our coffee habit was depleting our body of minerals and vitamins. We cut it completely out for a month and our energy came back. Now we have a pot on Sundays. However, after a month on detox our first pot of coffee gave us the jitters and we couldn’t stop talking. It was like we were on amphetamines lol….so we decided to stop drinking coffee completely. We live a pretty clean life, no booze and mostly organic food and well water. So it was pretty easy to figure out coffee was the reason for our fatigue. I’ve read also wifi and other electromagnetic frequencies can fatigue a body and disrupt sleeping cycles as well. We turn our wifi off before bed. We’ve been doing this for a couple years now.

    1. Yeah, I’m starting to realize just how much of an effect coffee has been having on my life – next is trying to decide if I should keep it at a low level, or cut it completely so I can enjoy the benefits when I really need them. My fatigue only came when I cut down on it – but then again, I’d been living off of 8-10 shots of espresso daily…no wonder I never slept properly, really!

      So much wifi around these days, it’s hard to avoid it in an apartment 🙁

      1. Yeah all that microwave radiation is everywhere, that’s why I really watch my diet, it helps! Coffee was making us tired and grumpy. We are glad we quit! I had to go through a rather large list and dumped a bunch of food and behaviors over the years. Coffee is no big deal. I miss my Scapa scotch!

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