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A drowsy and stupid state of mind.


  1. An interesting and amusing word. Where did you locate it? I can’t find a dictionary site, or search engine that even admits that it exists. 😕

    1. Thank you – google should be able to find it, there are av cereal sources if you simple google ‘zwodder’ – otherwise I have it in two of my dictionaries of old/forgotten words, one of which is ‘The Word Museum’ by Jeffrey Kacirk

      1. You’re absolutely right! Google did show me the meaning, and pointed me to several other ‘old word sites’ which also list it. Dictionary.com and mydictionary just shrugged their electronic shoulders, and Bing had no idea. It’s yet another reminder to use a wider range of research sites.
        It’s a great word to hold in reserve for the end of the April A To Z Challenge.
        Now, something interesting for the letter X….there are so few choices. Perhaps ‘xylem’ next time. 🙂

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