Jonathan Carroll – A truly wonderful writer with a keen understanding of the human psyche. Many of his works make use of supernatural and fantastical elements set against a mundane, starkly modern reality.
Follow him on facebook for a daily inspiring stream of quotes, story excerpts, and images.

Steven Savile – A great writer and a great mate. His prose is tight and evocative, always top of the line, equally at home in sci-fi, fantasy, or modern thrillers – and he has raised my standards for both reading and writing. Apart from a great selection of original novels and short stories, he has also written tie-in fiction for Star Wars, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Stargate, Warhammer and more.

Chuck Wendig – No other writer comes close to the creatively profane language of Wendig. A very visual writer, he excels in fast-paced  present-tense prose full of action and vulnerability.

Tom Waits – Tom Waits is one of the most interesting musicians of our time. He combines his unique voice with suggestive poetic lyrics and an ever-changing blend of musical genres and experimentation. To top it all off he has managed to build the myth and persona of himself in a way that few artists manage while keeping their private life private.

Martina McBride – One of the best voices in country music and one of it’s brightest stars. Martina has had a successful career for over two decades now and doesn’t show signs of stopping. In addition, she is using her music and her success as a platform to spread awareness for domestic violence and various charities.

Christina Perri – A more recent favorite of mine, whose music I just can’t stop listening to. She has a wonderful intensity in her work, and her music and lyrics are filled with both great joy and deep sadness. Highly addictive!

Josefine Jönsson – A Swedish fashion and fetish fashion photographer whose photos always inspire me. Those of you who follow me on facebook should already be familiar with her work and several of her recurring models.

Stefan Lindblad – Artist, illustrator, graphic designer and an all around great guy. I just love his style and artistic expression. Even though (or perhaps because) it is quite different from my own, I find myself learning and drawing inspiration from his compositions.


John McAfee – The inventor of internet security, fugitive, eccentric, vanguard of internet privacy – his life’s story could be taken straight out of a modern thriller novel or movie, and it might be difficult separating fact from fiction. He is a man of many talents, many enemies and a whole lot of humor.

NoiseTrade – A site full of music and books from smaller, less known talents. It has become my go-to place to find new interesting music. Everything is free, but tip what you want/can afford if you find something you like.

Noisli – A truly wonderful resource! This site has a great selection of background noise ranging from rain, thunder, and waves to crackling fire, rustling leaves, and even a coffee shop. Each sound has an individual volume control, and there’s a built-in text editor – perfect to keep your attention on the writing. Works offline once the page is loaded, and is available as an app for iPads and iPhones.

The New Yorker – Bringing us sophisticated American humor and New York culture since 1925. It has a little bit of everything and a whole lot of style.

The New Inquiry – An online magazine for cultural and literary criticism and discussion. I may not visit frequently, but when I do I invariably find inspiring gems among its articles.

BrewDog – Scottish craft beer combining excellent workmanship with a great deal of (sometimes inappropriate) humor. They have many lovely brews and if you happen to live close to one of their bars they are well worth a visit!


Karl Lagerfeld – Der Kaiser. One of the most iconic fashion designers of this century, I’m sure he doesn’t need much of an introduction. His design, personal brand and his personal style have been an inspiration to me for decades.

The Gentleman’s Gazette – What started out as Sven Raphael Schneider’s small blog about classic men’s style has evolved into a great resource on the topic and an invaluable guide to classic style and fine living. It even has an online store full of wonderful accessories.

Parisian Gentleman – Another blog-turned-style-resource, Hugo Jacomet’s originally french-only page is now available in no less than seven languages. It is a great source of inspiration for the well-dressed gentleman, covering both classic style and a bit of modern fashion.


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