The Traveller's Elemental Tarot

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This edition of the Traveller's Tarot deck consists of 25 major arcana cards, the four classical suits of Coins, Staves, Swords and Cups - each with an additional, 11th number card - plus three EXTRA cards - including CHAOS - for a total of 88 standard tarot size cards (7x12cm). The cards are colored sparsely in accordance with their elemental connections: green for earth, red for fire, yellow for air, blue for water, and purple for the four cards signifying spirit. The deck will come in a tuck box, with a booklet of keywords and information.

PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT the full edition of the Traveller's Tarot, this edition is primarily for those who prefer a more classic deck without extra suits and pother extra cards. The full edition of the Traveller's Tarot will be published in 2023, and will contain well over 100 cards. A black-white and gold edition of 121 cards is also in the works.

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