Three cards and mini-reading, Illuminated Traveller's Tarot Prototype

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You will receive three cards from the test printing of the  Illuminated Traveller's Tarot, drawn as a the card reading, along with a hand-written interpretation of the cards. Please enter the first name and date of birth for the person the reading is meant for in the field provided. 

Please allow an extra week for fulfilling this order due to this. 

The cards you receive will be drawn at random from the complete deck, and may be any combination of cards from the major arcana, the minors, court cards or the middle arcana. The pictures are just examples, and in no way shows which cards or card combinations you will receive. 

(Legal Disclaimer: Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used to make any life decisions. Chimaeral Creations takes no responsibility for decisions made o based on such readings or any damages or effects resulting from them. Chimaeral Creations also does not claim to possess or use  any supernatural abilities in reading the cards).

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