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When Tara inherits her father’s company she discovers that it has been exploited from within by people she thought were her friends. She decides to uncover the truth and fight back, both in the boardroom and on the streets, putting on a mask and cape to become the vigilante Lady Phantom.

Digital Copy of Issue Two of Six, 28 pages of story!

It is the day after the rooftop fight at the Gryphon Hotel. Tara wakes up bruised and gets a surprise visitor. While Detective Darko questions the man they have in custody at the hospital, Poet receives word of the fight and who took the package, and Vicente Alvarez learns of the failure to retreive it.
All four parties start their investigations into what is going on in Costa City, but who is spying on who and what consequences will their actions have?

Guest cover Artist: Robert Sammelin

Written by Julie K. Taylor and illustrated by R Thomas Allwin, Lady Phantom is one of the latest black female vigilantes to hit the comic book world. While the story takes place in a fictional city on the US west coast, her world closely mirrors our own and the story of Lady Phantom is set against the background of our current political climate.

Every issue is brand new, sent bagged and boarded, and can be signed by author at the buyers request.
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