After having studied tarot and the occult for over two decades, and after two abandoned attempts at designing my own tarot deck, I stumbled upon an alley one night and found something very special that rekindled my passion for the cards and resulted in the still-growing project of The Traveller’s Tarot.

The upcoming Illuminated Traveller’s Tarot

The first version of the deck – The 88-card Elemental Travellers Tarot – is available in the webshop, along with several sets of booster cards for what has been dubbed Magpie Decks – tarot decks made up of assorted cards collected and curated from a wide variety of decks.

The next, expanded, version of the deck – the black-and-gold Illuminated Traveller’s Tarot – will soon be coming to a crowdfunder near you! This version will have a total of 121 cards, including a Middle (or Median) Arcana and a 5th suit.