Reblog: The moment day dawns

The reblog of the week is a set of beautiful morning sky photos by Sue Vincent (I’m especially in love with #2):

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

003We were out early this morning, the small dog and I and back before the dawn again. Sitting with a coffee and trying to make sense of the madness that is my inbox every day I noticed the light change colour. I picked up the camera automatically as I turned to the window to be greeted with the most unbelievable colour as the rising sun lit the underside of the clouds. The sky looked like billowing silk or some tenuous dreamscape.

031The light was changing every second. There was no time to get to the fields, so I ran upstairs, watching through the open window as the world woke. The keening of a kite drew my gaze towards a little copse of trees at the edge of the fields and I watched as the great bird sailed in. It seemed to fly backwards, as if time itself had been stopped…

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