“If you neglect your art for one day it will neglect you for two.”
—Chinese proverb


For weeks now I have not been able to draw a proper line, much less a decent image.

Everything I have attempted to create has turned into nothing but so much waste of paper. I don’t know why. Needless to say I haven’t been entirely pleased with the situation – in fact, it has bothered me to no end.

Tonight I was feeling particularly gloomy (for a number reasons that I won’t bore you with) and so instead of going to sleep I poured myself a generous glass of barrel strength Nikki whisky, turned my collection of Mindy McCready tunes to shuffle, and sat down at my desk with the full intention of indulging in a bit of self pity. Absentmindedly I grabbed a pad and a pencil, sat for awhile, then began sketching. My first idea came and went and will be saved for another day, and then Mr Crow started to take shape.

Now, this is a character I have lived with for ages – one who has even invaded my waking life in the real world – but this is the first time he has asked to be put to paper. Neither of us is entirely pleased with the end result you see above, but considering my recent track record and the fact that I wasn’t even going to draw tonight, I won’t complain. Much.

It’s a start.

Mr Crow – Pencil & Sketching crayon on paper, A4.


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