Collaboration and Recommendation

“Never forget benefits done you, no matter how small.”
—Vietnamese proverb


My collaborator Richard Wright has announced that he is going to publish two eBooks of stories from his project The 52. However, instead of choosing which stories to publish he will let YOU decide! From each half of the project, Richard will pick the ten stories with the most reads on his page. So if you want to see the story inspired by my drawing in a collection, please click on the link below and have a read:

The Echo of Strangers
The Echo of Strangers


You can read more about Richard’s plans for the project in his post Story Idol III.

Apart from this, life is keeping me busy as ever. I’m putting the final touches on a new short story, I’m wrestling with an art commission that has given me exceptional amounts of trouble and made me doubt if I’d ever draw anything decent again (people talk of writer’s block, but let me tell you – illustrator’s block is just as dispiriting!) and I’m trying to map out my writing, blogging and drawing goals for the next few months.

So far, so good.

I’ll leave you with another recommendation: this year’s winner of Norway’s Got Talent, Angelina Jordan, is well worth a listen. 8 years old, with the voice of an old soul, she does the loveliest renditions of old jazz tunes. If she can keep her love of music and cultivate her talent and voice, she’ll have a glorious career ahead of her. Check out the winning performance below:


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