The ties that bind…

“I must lose myself in action lest I wither in despair.”
—Lord Tennyson


So here we are again, Dear Reader – another week, another post. Once again life has kept me occupied enough to neglect the things I do not have to do. Mostly, the distracting tasks have been things like money making and friend tending, so I’m inclined to say I haven’t actually wasted much time. That does not change the fact that I haven’t accomplished what I felt I should. We are most likely to complete tasks that are expected of us – I’ve spoken before of the dual edged sword of deadlines – and so I thought it high time that I bind myself to Your expectations by outlining my goals here, in public, to You.

When I began updating this blog on a regular basis, my goal was a modest weekly post on what was going on with me and my creations. Back then, I did not really have any readers at all (nor did I really expect them). Needless to say, things have changed. To keep your interest as well as my own – and as a stepping stone to finally catching that elusive beast I call Routine – I aim to uphold a loose goal of 3 posts a week:

  • ‘Word of the Week’ – shall remain on Mondays, although I may be mixing it up occasionally and may try to make it a little more interesting.
  • My weekly ‘Life’ update, complete with quote and recommendations – I’m not sure if I will keep this on Fridays, or if I should move it. Time will tell, I guess.
  • In addition to those regular installments, my goal is to post some other content each week, be it in my ‘Portrait’ category, a presentation of a drawing or mini story, or maybe something completely different. But something, at least.

In addition to this attempt of creating some predictability and pattern to what you can expect from me on here, I will also try to maintain monthly goals for my creative endeavors. Each calendar month, I aim to write a minimum of one short story (or the equivalent for a larger project) as well as produce one piece of art (drawing, painting, sculpture or the like). Meanwhile, I will also try to make this site grow by adding more content.

So there you have it! I have now bound myself to You, Dear Reader, by my word and on my honour! Please use Your new-found power over me in a kind manner…

…I know who You are.

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