Reblog of the Week: The Rumors are True: Amazon Testing Kindle Unlimited Program

This is well worth to take note of for readers and writers alike – especially self-publishers who use amazon!

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Kindle Unlimited Cache Screen shot of the new Kindle Unlimited Subscription Service test page on Amazon removed several test pages for a new “Kindle Unlimited” program from its website today.

Amazon is testing a service called “Kindle Unlimited” that would give subscribers unlimited access to both e-books and audiobooks for $9.99 a month.

Gigaom reported today (though Amazon will neither confirm nor deny it) that the e-commerce giant posted several test pages for the service on its site today, then quickly pulled them down.

If the “KU Test” books on Amazon’s site today are included in Amazon’s new subscription service, Amazon will wind up as the largest eBook subscription service in the world. Rival Sribd has 400,000 titles, Oyster has 500,000. Both Scribd and Oyster, however, have contracts with major publishers like HarperCollins, while Amazon has been antagonizing the “big 6” publishers lately over pricing.

According to Publisher’s Lunch, Amazon has been in…

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