Sketch of the Week

Surprised, Dear Reader? Not only did I manage a post a day, I actually managed a work-in-progress this week! Now, maybe you’re thinking ‘Sketch – that looks like your regular portraits?’ and indeed it does – and is – but this one is for a bigger project, and will go through some digital manipulation before it’s done.


This week – or rather the past day and a half – has been productive and hectic. I started working on the above-mentioned project on Wednesday evening before ten pm, and I finished this drawing friday morning at 3 am. In between I slept a total of 3 hours, and apart from a break to go to the grocery store and two meals I worked non-stop. Those nearly 30 hours resulted in the above A3 size portrait of Lindsey Stirling, digital art to go along with it, the Karl Lagerfeld portrait from yesterday, and some basic sketching on a project for a friend. It’s been a great day, but 40 hours of mostly work and little sleep takes it’s toll.

I fear the day I can quit my day job…

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