Reblog – Promote Yourself: R. Thomas Allwin

Bonus post this weekend: me being featured on writer Jane Dougherty’s blog!

Jane Dougherty Writes

My weekend guest is Thomas Allwin, and having seen some of his work I’m hoping he is heading for recognition in the near future. There are those who jump at any opportunity to show off their talent, and there are those who need to be prodded into the limelight. Thomas is one of the latter. I suggest you all visit his blog to get an idea of his writing talent too. Below is an example of his artwork. Quite an appropriate subject for this blog.


This is what Thomas has to say about himself, his work, and his influences.

Ever since I first started playing around with the idea of having a blog I’ve known that I wanted to have a portrait section, presenting artists that have been a big influence on me and my work. Neil Gaiman was a given for that list. The portrait I ended up doing…

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