Reblog: Emily Kopp Interview!

My reblog for this week is an interview with singer-songwriter Emily Kopp – haven’t heard of her? Neither had I before today, but she’s definitely worth a wider audience, so let’s spread the word!

The Southern Girl Press


One of my favorite things is discovering a new artist when I least expect it. Emily Kopp was one of those amazing artists. I went to New Orleans recently to see Alex and Sierra, and knew there was an opening act. We had not heard her name before, but we were ready to see what she was all about. She first came out and has such a sass and fun attitude about her, by the end of the first song, everyone was in love with her. People were cheering, hollering, and having such a fun time as she interacted with everyone. She definitely has a stage presence that is going to take her extremely far, on top of the unique and gorgeous voice and image that she has. Her voice is somewhat like an Amy Winehouse meets Adele. Her songwriting is superior, writing about love, loss, and even a song…

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