Portrait: Veronica Ballestrini

This month’s portrait is unusual – instead of drawing and writing about someone who have had a big effect on my life and art I have chosen someone who just recently appeared in my life. The portrait was made with soft sketching crayons and is the first ‘two toned’ portrait I’ve attempted – as such, it was a bit difficult to get the detail I would have wanted, but I’m still pleased with the end result.

There are several reasons why I chose Veronica Ballestrini for today’s portrait: First of all, because she is such a talented singer and song writer – second, because the story of her career is inspiring – last, but definitely not least, because today is her 23rd birthday!

So, Happy Birthday Veronica!

VeronicaBallestriniVeronica’s career started with cover song on MySpace when she was thirteen, and two years later she won 1st place at the USA World Showcase in Las Vegas. Eight years ago today, on her fifteenth birthday, her parents surprised her with a trip to Nashville to pursue her dream. In 2009 she published her first album, What I’m All About. Since then she has continued to work on her music, touring and writing songs, and earlier this year she released her second album, Flipside.

Her name appeared briefly on my radar years ago, but it wasn’t until she started following me on twitter that I got my eyes and ears on her music. Since then I have returned to her songs over and over, and several of them have taken place among my absolute favorites. I’m not going to add more praise than that – if you haven’t heard her music I suggest you go and have a listen.

Oh, and Veronica? You still owe me that Skype-call 😉

You can find Veronica on Twitter, Facebook, and here on WordPress

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