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BunnyToday’s sketch is a WIP commission for an old friend of mine – there’s still a lot to fix on the drawing and some things to add still, but since I don’t have anything else to show you this week I thought I’d add it here.

It’s not my regular style and it has lived through a number of incarnations in the sketching stage, which is why it doesn’t completely ‘fit together’ yet.


  1. Ooh la la. I like her, awlought. But, I could do without the assault rifle and peace sign. The hair, shorts and sloppy tank top are nice. Since she’s standing in front of a toy box, I’d probably give her a foam bat or some other silly weapon.

    1. Thank you =)

      Yeah, I would probably have done her very differently if I was drawing the picture for myself – as it is, I’m following the directions of the friend who ordered the picture.

      1. Well, if anyone wants me to draw something I don’t approve, I am inclined to turn the deal down. I’ve pushed my boundaries in the past. But, I feel like less of a person when I concede to draw something I don’t support. So, for me, no drunkenness, drug use, bloodshed or pornographic content…among other things. I may draw a character with a weapon, even a gun. But, a girl like that, not unless she’s like some Tank Girl character ready for war. I could see doing a combat bunny like the old Bugs Bunny toons.

      2. I hear you. This one’s for an old friend and the idea behind it is combining his love for manga-esque pin-ups with his star signs (rabbit for this drawing, sagittarius for the other I’ll be doing later), and his military reenactment/air-soft hobbies…along with his personal whimsical nature.

        It has been more work than usual getting it done, though, so I won’t be taking any similar commissions for awhile at least.

      3. Get out! :O A Sagittarius rabbit? Another me.


        Yea, well, firearms aren’t very whimsical to me. But, to each their own. I was always anti-war while my nemesis of eleven years was all about it. We were a bit like Mr. Burns vs. Lisa Simpson for a long time. We competed over Sega and Nintendo, Pepsi and Coke, Republicans and Democrats, etc.

        Do you struggle to complete pieces as fast as you’d like to, too? I don’t know why I pressure myself. But, I see so many doing the same work I do in half the time. I’m very careful and detail-oriented, striving for perfection in skill and layout/composition. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

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