Reblog: Author Highlight

My reblog for this week is a friend-of-a-friend (Kelly Allenby) whose blog is highlighting another friend-of-a-friend (Kent Holloway) who has just come out with the first book in a new trilogy – The Legend of the Winterking: The Crown of Nandur:

Little Raven

J. Kent Holloway

I’ve spent the better part of a week trying to think how and when I first heard of Kent Holloway and I’m pretty sure it was a discussion on facebook we were having with a mutual friend about Doctor Who, the doctor bringing people together since……. I’m gonna stop right there.
So, it was after this that I found out he was an author as he shared a link to an audiobook, short story he had written. That story was Haunted Melody which was fantastic and creepy, the writing was a surprise to me. I’ve never really been a fan of short stories but this changed my mind. Also, the narration was outstanding by Wayne Farrell. Not long after this I heard he was going to be co-authoring with one of my favourite author’s, Jeremy Robinson on Guardian if you haven’t read this yet, you definitely should…

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