Reblog: When You Lose Someone You Never Had

My reblog for this week is a nice little piece about how we are affected by those loves we never got the chance to be with.

Thought Catalog

Clara P. N. AraujoClara P. N. Araujo

In college, I was heavily involved in the spoken word scene on campus. I was a total artistic cliche and brought a notebook everywhere I went, was a staff member that helped run a weekly open mic, and competed on a slam team (can you guess I was not athletic in high school? #teampoetry). I’m no stranger to being in rooms with people oozing emotions. I have heard more love poems, more heart-broken poems, more “BETTER WITHOUT YOU” poems than you can even imagine. But you want to know the ones that were absolutely drenched in the most pain? The ones about almost lovers. The relationships that ended before they even truly began. Those are the suckers that punch you right in the gut.

I’ve been in love with my imagination for a very long time now. It’s the first thing you really learn to explore…

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