Reblog: I Am Happier Today Because I Do These 5 Things

Hello, Dear Reader – I am back after something of a hiatus last week. I needed to recharge my batteries and focus on me for awhile.

My reblog this week is something I need to remind myself of – how to be happier:

Thought Catalog


Until recently, I’ve always considered myself high on the neurotic personality spectrum. A couple of months ago, I was taking two antidepressants and an anti-anxiety medication every day. I thought calm and happy were emotions that just didn’t naturally occur within me – that there was something wrong with me and I couldn’t help it. I thought happiness was something that happened to you, something that existed in outside stuff like fancy dinners, money, and alcohol, not something you could actually have inside you at all times. My boyfriend’s encouraging comments like “life is good” just came off as condescending to me. Yeah, maybe for you.

After many panic attacks, mental breakdowns, public crying fits, and days spent in bed sulking and feeling sorry for myself, I realized that the medication wasn’t working. I had to at least try something else. So I quit my job and started…

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