Reblog: An Interview with Willie Meikle

Reblog of the Week – an interview with William Meikle, author of the newly released Tormentor:

Cat After Dark

Willie Meikle_

1) We’ve talked about DANCERS before, how it’s both of our personal favorite of your short stories; would you talk about that story a little bit and how you came to write it?

It was the second story I wrote, and the first I sold, way back in 1992. The writer’s magazine, WRITER’S NEWS in the UK ran an annual ghost story anthology and I had a go. I had an idea of an old man in a snowy cemetery, and it just grew from there. It got 2nd place in the competition, earned me 100 pounds, and has since appeared in three newspapers, been read on three radio stations, appeared in six foreign languages and been made into a short movie. Not bad for something that took me two hours flat out to write while sitting on a train :—)

2) If you could live during any era in…

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