Time of No Reply

How quickly the days pass.

Yet another week has gone by where I haven’t managed my bare minimum of blog posts. It is not for lack of trying – I’ve tried to sit down and study the blogosphere for interesting reads to repost; I’ve tried sitting down with pen and paper to produce a drawing I can post. I even had a plan for Wednesday’s post.

Things have been busy.

Busier than usual, even. Two unexpected time thieves and an ongoing lack of sleep are partially to blame, but even so I am getting things done. The apartment is coming together, like a huge puzzle where the initial chaotic jumble of colours and fabrics has taken the shape of something that is starting to look like a home.

There’s still a lot to do.

But now we are down to the details, finding places for the small things and decorating, cleaning and fixing up as we go. Just a few more pieces now and it will be finished.

But it’s time for a break.

As I’m typing this I’m on my way to the Stockholm Wine Fair, where a friend is showcasing the wines his import company deals in. So for the next few hours I will be relaxing, glass in hand and in good company, trying to find out where the borders of that mythical land ‘Moderation’ can be found…

See you next week, Dear Reader!

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