Reblog: Last rose blooms

The first few days of my new year on this earth hasn’t been the best, so this beautiful poem by Jane Dougherty fits my mood perfectly.

Jane Dougherty Writes


The last rose blooms

On slender stem stripped bare by the wind.

Like the last child

Flourishing in the failing shelter of the old parent tree.

Slight head bows

So little weight on the old branch

So sweet the scent

So bright the red in the dim light.

The old tree sighs and bends in the gusting wind

And the rose sheds its perfume

Suave and soothing

As dark winter falls.

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Reblog: For the Child I Will Never Have

I found this heartfelt and touching poem by Amie Chadwick yesterday and instantly knew I wanted to share it. I’ve been involved in making the same decision, once upon a time, and this poem speaks to me.

Please understand that this is in no way meant to pass judgement on those who have made the choice, or haven’t made it, nor is it meant to influence those who are struggling with making their own choice – it was shared in empathy and compassion for those in the same situation, and as a reminder that no matter which choice is ultimately made, there are long term consequences. If you read the poem, please take the time to read her closing thoughts on it as well. Thank you.

A warning, though – this may be an emotional trigger for those who have had, or have strong feelings about, abortion.