Reblog: How To Not Be Terrified Of Being Happy

My reblog this week is about how scary happiness can be:

Thought Catalog

Carmen JostCarmen Jost

When everything is going right in your world. When you’re so happy that you’re afraid to blink. When things are so perfect that you feel an onslaught of anxiety because you convince yourself they can’t possibly stay this way for long. You’re at the very top, so the only way to go is down. Sure, you’re happy now. You’re thrilled. Ecstatic. Content. But something is going to fall apart and everything else will follow, like a house of cards.

You’re terrified of being happy. That’s okay. So is pretty much everyone else, even if they don’t realize it. We spend our life chasing. Chasing money, chasing people, chasing careers, chasing perfection, chasing fame, chasing social approval. We’re in the mindset that nothing is ever good enough and once we get something, we must move onto the next thing.

We’re not used to just feeling happy. We don’t even…

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