Reblog: Focus!

My reblog this week comes from Thomas Cagley, and talks about something very important: Focus!

Software Process and Measurement

blurry reflection in a mirror Are you in focus or out of focus?

It is common to work in an environment where you have email running in the background, one or more chat windows in the foreground and an office full of chatty neighbors all competing for your attention. There are times when it is important to reject the noise and distractions of the collaborative office in order to focus. There are three types of strategies you can employ to find a little bit of focus:

  1. Noise control techniques – Open offices have become the rage again, driven by the concept of the team room commonly embraced in Agile. The two most common noise control techniques are withdrawal (leaving the team room) and headphones. Maxwell Smart had the cone of silence; today headphones play a very similar role.
  2. Interaction control techniques – Open offices, team rooms and even cube farms have been engineered to…

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