Reblog: Writing Discipline

My reblog this week comes from last week,was written by Michael Jecks, and is about something very important:


As a follow-up to yesterday’s Top Ten Tips on NaNoWriMo, I thought I ought to add a response to two of the comments I’ve received. The two points that were raised both relate to discipline more than anything else.

First, another writer was a little concerned at my point 7. She pointed out, quite rightly, that she was an historical writer and had to get the facts right in her stories. Research was key, she pointed out.

I quite agree. I am very proud of the fact that my own books are used for teaching in a number of schools in the UK and US, because my attention to detail has been noted. However, I’d still defend point 7 relates to writing.

There comes a time when the author has to put away his or her research books and write. Yes, it’s important to get the facts straight, but not to the extent that…

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