One of These Things First

It’s been a while Dear Reader.

Time marches ever on and as always I get caught up in the day to day. This time around I have tried to be at least somewhat productive amidst it all, with mixed results.

Pain, preparation and procrastination are the main reasons for my absence.

Preparations for what, you may wonder? Well, several things actually; everything from life changes to the upcoming blogging challenge. My ’30 Days to a Clean and Organized House’ degenerated into ’28 Days Later’, my daily writing routine became a nightly ‘why-didn’t-I’ and my art projects are still safely contained in their tubes, crayons and pencil tips – unreleased and unrealized. All of it is waiting for me as deadlines and other tasks approach rapidly.

But first thing’s first!

Tomorrow sees the first day of April and the first of my A to Z blog posts.

I’ve tried to keep the format simple – a hand drawn letter and an obscure or archaic word for each day – with a loose theme of language and writing. In accordance with the challenge I will be posting Monday through Saturday, and instead of adding my regular posts to an already full schedule I aim to add to the above format and will try to stick to whatever the letter of the day is. My main focus will be fulfilling the second part of the challenge, though: visiting the other participating blogs.

So tune in tomorrow, Dear Reader – no April Fools here. Well…except myself, of course.

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