Update: Portfolio

PortfolioOctHello Dear Reader, and welcome to my new portfolio!

I have restructured and expanded on my image gallery, but there isn’t much new material posted. Most works have appeared on here, on twitter or on facebook previously, but they have never been gathered in the same place before.

Feel free to have a look!

(The image on the left here links to the portfolio page – sadly it would have been too much work to do a collection of expandable thumbnails on here)

As i think I’ve mentioned before, I’m doing an overhaul of this site.

Last week I reduced the number of categories of my blog to six and restructured things a bit:

Life – posts about what is going on with me, be it personally, professionally, creatively or just randomly overthinking and contemplating something.
– posts that prominently feature my artwork, including Sketch of the Week, portraits, etc.
Commentary – posts offering my views on current events or specific topics.
Feature – posts that feature or promotes another artist, as well as posts on inspiring people in general.Reblog of the Week – my weekly (ahem…) sharing of other blogs.
Word of the Week – my ever popular delvings into the obscure, archaic or arcane nooks and crannies of the English language.

As usual, nothing is set in stone and these categories are subject to change, addition, division, fusion, deletion or transmutation without prior notice. I take little to no responsibility fpr the actions of my future self (you didn’t hear this from me, but that bloke is a madman)!

Also, i have a loose plan of where to go from here.

I am slowly putting my work out there again, testing the waters and throwing out hooks to see if anything will bite or stick or come angrily shambling from the depths looking to end mankind. It’s slow work, but no one else is going to do it!

Finally, a heart-felt Thank You, Dear Reader!

Since rekindling my efforts on here I’ve seen an increased response from You – likes, shares, feedback, views etc. Just over the weekend now I had over 400 views from nearly 100 people, in a single(!) day. I really appreciate it and you are very important to me!


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