From the Ashes

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
—Carl Gustav Jung

Another day, another year, another life.

Yesterday was the last day of my thirties. I have now spent forty years being me, growing into my skin and becoming myself.

But this past year has been truly life-changing.

It has easily been one of the most tumultuous, most significant, most rewarding years of my life – and that’s saying a lot. I’ve fallen, broken down, picked myself up, stumbled, crashed, torn myself apart, patched myself together, burned up, risen from the ashes…and here I stand, old and improved.

It’s been profound.

Now I face another year on this Earth, and it will no doubt be equally life-altering – albeit in different ways. Big things are happening and big things are being planned. The channges I’ve made within myself, in my life, and to my creative work was just the beginning.

I’m still working hard to build myself up again.

And I’m still struggling to find that balance – the balance between art, life, and sanity.

I suspect I always will.


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