Reblog: The Number One Secret To Superhuman Willpower

It’s back to the Observer again for this week’s reblog, Dear Reader – this time from the fingertips of Benjamin Hardy.

With Lent on the door step, I thought an article about fasting would be approperiate. Now, while I can’t personally attest to the correctness of his claims in this article, intermittent short term fasting is something that has come naturally to me over the years. At first I did it without really thinking about it or realizing I did – though I’ve done it intentionally from time to time as well – and from my limited experience it seems to have beneficial effects. In any case, I found the article interesting and I plan to make a more conscious ritual out of it and see if I get any results.

So I encourage you to read the article, check it out for yourselves and maybe try it for a day and see if you experience any positive effects:

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