Reblog: Vegans: Not like Other People

My reblog for this week is about veganism and why the arguments which swayed the vegans of today can’t be used to sway the majority.
As you may or may not know, Dear Reader, I live with a vegan and I eat a mostly vegetarian diet myself.
My personal stance is that humanity needs to seriously change our dietary habits and consume a lot less meat, but you won’t find me arguing that veganism is the way for everyone to go.
This article explains part of the reason why.

Many of the more vocal vegans seem to think that if they only inform someone of the truths they themselves have accepted, any sane and sensible person should automatically turn vegan (and if not, they are horrible people – or at least willfully blind or stupid) but this is far from the truth. It is not about them being blind to learning any universal truth or about them resisting sensible ideas – it is about human nature.
So if you are vegan and preaching veganism, give this article from The Vegan Strategist a read – and if you aren’t vegan, read it anyway and think about the implications:

Reblog: The Number One Secret To Superhuman Willpower

It’s back to the Observer again for this week’s reblog, Dear Reader – this time from the fingertips of Benjamin Hardy.

With Lent on the door step, I thought an article about fasting would be approperiate. Now, while I can’t personally attest to the correctness of his claims in this article, intermittent short term fasting is something that has come naturally to me over the years. At first I did it without really thinking about it or realizing I did – though I’ve done it intentionally from time to time as well – and from my limited experience it seems to have beneficial effects. In any case, I found the article interesting and I plan to make a more conscious ritual out of it and see if I get any results.

So I encourage you to read the article, check it out for yourselves and maybe try it for a day and see if you experience any positive effects:

Feature: Beyond Meat

Do you like the flavour and texture of meat but feel conscious about the environmental impact, the ethical issues, or the health risks? Why not look beyond meat:

(note: this video is a year old, the company has since launched several more products)

Now, I haven’t had the fortune to try out any of the Beyond Meat products myself yet, but this is definitely something to keep an eye on. If we can make meat products that are more nutritious, better for the environment, without taking the detour via raising and feeding an actual animal, is there any reason not to?

The rate of animal consumption is still rising and humanity has never eaten so much meat and killed so many animals as we do today and to top it off, the meat industry treats animals horribly. Things need to change, for the sake of our whole existence.

There are several companies out there who are on the cutting edge of creating vegetable-based proteins that are nearly indistinguishable from actual meat products – check them out, and if you see them in  your grocery store buy them and try them!

We owe it to ourselves and to the planet.

Check out these companies and initiatives and follow their progress:

Beyond Meat

Impossible Foods

Clara Foods